Saturday, November 08, 2008


Hey, Obama, where's my Unicorn? You promised me a fucking Unicorn.

President Elect Obama

The importance of his election cannot be overstated on a cultural level. Our country has some nasty boogie men in the closet for sure. We do, however, tend to do the right thing. Perhaps this event will help our confused, dizzy lefty-buddies come to that realization. However, that doesn't stop me from thinking he is an overflowing douche nozzle. Listen, there are two possibilities here:

1) He pulled a stealthy one on all of the faux revolutionaries and leftist hangers-on that form the inner sanctum of the Chicago scene, and he is really a centrist.

2) He pulled a stealthy one on all of the malleable and Utopian pantywaists that form the young electorate nowadays, and he is really a faux revolutionary and a leftist hanger-on.

I think the latter is more probable. We shall see soon.

Karl adds: Best case scenario, imho, is that he ends up being another Jimmy Carter (a conventional liberal president and a shitty administrator without a whole lot of backbone). Bill Clinton was pretty liberal when he came in with both houses in a democrat majority, but moved toward the center when, imho, he realized what the practicalities of governing were; plus the repub takeover in '94 helped. But I have no idea how Obama would react to similar strong repub showing in 2010, he ain't Bill.

God no

Barf me with a dick.

Karl: Gag! I appreciate the message, and hope the same sentiment is more pervasive nationally than I believe it is, but there is more syrup in those messages than in all the love letters that those douchey english dandies wrote to chicks in Wuthering Heights and all that other Jane Austen shit!

Obama and Shit

Wow. I feel like a major burden has been lifted from the shoulder of my homeland. Not.