Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This should be the major election bitchslap, we'll see...

This shit is all over the internet right now but its presence is required on INFDL for religious reasons, er, ideological, er, ok, partisan reasons. Really though, here is definitely one case where I can be proud of Republicans and of my tendency to vote for them. True fiscal conservatives are what the Republican party seems to have lost lately. But these Republicans here on the House Financial Services Committee seem to represent well the fiscal conservative spirit that should be manifest in all Republicans, since that has historically been the unifying theme in this party. And how there are even people like Joe Lieberman still left in the Democratic party I have no idea!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ever wonder what happened to the dinosaurs?

Turns out that the universe that hosts our short visit here is a very violent place, and no amount of money in the bank can change that fact. One interesting thing about this is that if massive meteor impacts that end all life such as these happened at least 65 million years ago (known as the "K-T extinction event"), then how long has our species supposedly been evolving? How long did it take for the salamander-to-human conversion process to occur, if the multi-billion year ranges that evolutionists cite to explain this mystery is not a possibility? I have many problems with evolutionary theory, not with micro-evolution which is actually provable, but with the speculative nature of species-wide macro evolution.