Friday, May 02, 2008

Yep, the world hates America, especially Europe...

...Hmmm, that must be why the people of Germany, France, and most recently Italy have elected leaders who ran, RAN, on a pro-American agenda as part of their campaign platforms. Well, you can never really tell with those fickle and silly Italians with all their wine and fine lovemaking and esquisite dishes to think about all the time, because they did oust Berlusconi at a time when it wasn't fashionable (in the truest sense, as is everything when it comes to that silly, silly people) to have a pro-American leader, before they put him back in control a couple weeks ago. Now England is following the same trend, in an election where conservatives delivered the worst beating to leftists in 40 years, and where, most appropriately, the anti-American intergalactic asshole mayor of London gets his shit kicked by Gary fucking Busey of the Tory Party. Hope he starts a family political dynasty, then we'll get to see more of Jake Busey in the future.

Sean: Dude. That guy looks just like Busey. I wonder if he just wants a little kiss from Johnny Depp. Well, Euros aren't completely stupid. For all the base anti-US preening, they know deep down what's up in their neck of the woods. They see it every day. I mean does Belgium even exist anymore? Barely.

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