Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Grim Milestone of Grim Milestones

(AP 2008, Scipio). Five years and almost 20,000 Grim Milestones after the invasion of Iraq by George Bush, Halliburton and some destitute black teenagers from the inner city with no other opportunities, Americans are marking the Grim Anniversary by holding Grim Milestones of their own across the country.

The Associated Press caught up with a vibrant and colorful flock of Hippies, known properly as a "protest", marking the Grim Milestone in the bustling metropolis of Scipio, Utah.

Luna Moonpants, a local peace envisionist, when questioned about the purpose of the event replied, "What with all of the Grim Milestones going on, it only seemed appropriate to bring to the attention of all Amerikkkans this approaching Milestone of such Grimness. That and the weed. It's bomber wicked...Cough."

Much of the same somber tone of remembrance could be found among the other attendees. Stinky McGee, a local juggling stick artisan, echoed the poignant sentiment so prominently on display, stating, "Where's Phish? I heard that Phish was gonna be here! Wooo Hooo!", he said, pausing only to vomit a little between the "Woo" and the "Hoo".

Later today, in the apex of events here in Scipio, a mass "Head-Tilt of Compassion" will mark the exact moment of of the 20,000th Grim Milestone, signifying the sadness and sorrow of this group of solemn Americans, who prefer to be called by the more compassionate sounding "Earthicans".

With a Grimness bought only with years of Iree bong-rips, the Grim Milestone of Grim Milestones, now 20,000 and counting, marches on, lock-step with the horribly unsyncopated drum-circles and whirly dance stylings witnessed here today. Oh, and Abu Ghraib.

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