Monday, March 17, 2008

Attacked by Plastic

Is anybody else absolutely mortified by the current trend of butchering perfectly good gargoyles? Don't get me wrong, we all want our ladies looking like a Shera doll (left), but the sheer amount of silicon is now officially threatening the computer industry. Forget about Peak Oil, I'm talking about Peak Silicon.
So imagine my dismay at the discovery of yet another set of pumped 3M uber-mammories that destroys one of my prized adolescent obsessions. None other than the Sacred Twins of Salvation themselves.
The link shows that this information is more than a few years old, proving that even those of us blessed with the Natural Spidey Sense can be fooled. The Mamocide must be stopped!
Tom: yeah bro, I know what you mean (don't click link if you are easily induced to nausea).

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