Thursday, February 21, 2008

That Didn't Take Long

We always knew that the press would turn on their darling McCain when he won the Republican nomination, but I'm surprised they didn't wait at least until the race for the democratic nominee was over.

Did McCain trade political favors for sexual ones? If so, icky. I'm witholding judgement though.

SEAN: You're right Noah. Icky indeed. What this exposes is the NYTs' utter confusion as an institution and lack of tact. Didn't they just endorse McCain? If you read through the comments, even utter lefties are disappointed with their trusted source for news. Ace of Spades links to The New Republic, of all places, for the background on the story about the story. A reporter resigns, the entire newsroom in battle, etc. Weird stuff that probably helps McCain in the long run methinks. Hell of a way to ring in the general election, though. I think this fires up the base and gets McCain rolling.

Exit question: Was I way off in thinking McCain gets knocked out by Obama? The more I see Obama, the more I think he's a lightweight.

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