Sunday, February 24, 2008

One example of the value of AP analysis

Wow, the AP has some real fucking nincompoops churning out that Sinclair-esque sausage they like to call "news". Last night, SNL had Mike Huckabee do a guest spot, which was actually funny, to his credit. The AP was on it thusly:

Even though Mike Huckabee is still battling for the Republican presidential nomination despite long odds, he said Saturday he won’t “overstay his welcome.” Then he did precisely that, lingering on the “Weekend Update” set of “Saturday Night Live” despite repeated cues to leave the stage....he remained seated at the “Update” desk even though [the host Seth Meyers] made it clear it was time for him to leave.

Problem is, it was clearly a scripted part of the segment, as anyone with a minimalist sense of humor can plainly see (this would even qualify the Amish, as well as Bevan Briggs, but not Junior over at AP).
Conclusion: Don't ever invite one of those AP bore-a-phyls to your party, they are blood sucking comedy killers, man.

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