Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mitt Bows Out

This is how it's done. No fanfare, no wobbling along for six more weeks. Mitt was a fine candidate and this move might be his most deft. He now puts the impetus on Fuckabee to do the same or be exposed for what he is: a Republican Jimmy Carter whose raw lust for power overshadows any policy stances that he might possess, all in the name of Jesus. Mitt's not VP material and he knows how McCain will be slaughtered come November. He then positions himself, as McCain did this year, as a more familiar face for 2012, but with more money and no crappy record in the Senate to deal with. That is, if we survive until 2012.

The great unspoken? The root cause? Most Evangelicals hate Mormons. The result? GOP is toast in November. Happy day.

Tom: agreed that Mitt's move was a good strategic one. And now Mike Fuckeefuckee, McCain's little buddy, has lost his reason of being. In a way, it's as if Mitt has called him out, leaving him to now actually run against McCain. It'll be fun to see him squirm, though I imagine he'll end his little game pretty soon now. A debate between those two would be absolutely pathetic, both would be rubbing each other's balls the whole time.

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