Sunday, February 24, 2008

Deseret Industries, Land of the Strange

I've seen some wicked weird shit at Deseret Industries in my time. From masturbating homeless people to fully-grown people defecating in their pants in the checkout line, but this really takes the cake. It ends with a turn for the macabre:

Emery said she returned with her husband to discuss the incident with store managers and call police. When officers arrived, the man appeared in the store parking lot, wearing his own white jumpsuit under a trench coat and a hockey mask on his face. Police arrested him and are seeking a charge of unlawful detention.

As a person who has spent many an hour spooking about the local D.I., mostly in search of rare vinyl, I must say that for some reason, this doesn't surprise me.

Tom: bro, you tend to see more wierd shit than any other person (such as the time when that polygamist family's kid shat his pants in your van out in the desert). It must have something to do with all the whack places you choose to spend your time, in addition to the Deseret Industries. Places such as Delta, Utah; Elko, Nevada; and Death (F'n) Valley. Actually sounds sorta fun, I do love me some of them Twilight Zone moments mysselff.

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