Saturday, January 26, 2008

Somebody call the goal post moving crew

When Iraq started getting ghoulish in about mid 2005, the left was quick to point out that what we where witnessing was a Civil War. By doing so they denied the truth, which was often observed by us gleeful civilian slaughterers like myself who supported the invasion, that what we where watching was anything but. Observations that the bulk of the suicide bombings and head choppings where being carried out by foreigners pointed to more of a war-by-proxy for the various asshole Islamofascist entities in the region. The reaction of the peace-mongers to this truth tended to discount or minimize the presence of foreign elements in order to fit the narrative chosen by, well, whoever the hell makes those decisions for the lefties. Somebody makes those calls, right? They all think the exact same things at all times.

This article paints a new portrait of the insurgency. New to whom? The Washington Post of course. In the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar, U.S. forces found the records of 606 foreign Jihadis who entered Iraq to get a little piece of the action. It turns out that Al Qaeda in Iraq keeps records like any beaurocracy. This cache of records has inspired U.S. authorities to tick up the estimate from 75% to 90% of all suicide attackers are foriegners. Expect the media/leftist narrative to shift from "There are no foreigners fighting in Iraq, and Al Qaeda in Iraq has no connection to Al Qaeda proper" to something like "Well, they weren't there until we invaded." Whether they were or not makes little difference to me. They are there now and we are Barbequeing them at a rate and with such succulent juicyness that Micheal Moore should drool at the very mention of Foreign Jihadi.

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