Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sharia in SLC

Thanks to LGF for pointing this out. It seems some Taxi drivers have had enough Sharia at the SLC airport to last a life time:

Shuttle driver Jeff Brueningsen took photos inside the building he and other drivers share at the airport. "It was definitely an Islamic center." He said it didn't feel right, so he filed a complaint with the FAA against the airport.

"In proper, polite company you never bring up politics or religion. And they introduced both instantly into what's supposed to be a professional, secular transportation-aviation facility," Brueningsen said.

In the complaint he details claims that he was harassed by a group of Muslim drivers who he says have threatened to kill him. It came to a head earlier this month when Brueningsen says Mohammed Alahmed and other drivers attacked him.

"They were going like this, using their fingers, saying, ‘You F-ing Jew, you don't want us to pray here,'" Brueningsen says.

Alahmed says it was the other way around, that Brueningsen tried to stop him from praying.

"He say the F word against me, and I didn't do anything. And he grabbed me from my shirt and hit me with his hand," Alahmed said.

Airport police investigated and charged only Brueningsen with assault. Shortly after, the airport closed the building, and Muslim drivers began praying outside. No one was happy.

You don't say. Here's part of what I posted in the LGF comments:

In the 90's, Salt Lake became a haven for many refugees because of the cheap cost of living and surplus of jobs. As a commercial Real Estate Broker I can tell you, there re quite a few wealthy upstanding Muslim citizens in town. The Islamic society of Salt Lake is generally a very patriotic and law-abiding entity on the scene. The West Valley Mosque is one of the largest in the West. That being said, I can tell you exactly where these aggressive cab drivers are from: Somalia. Not Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran, Somalia. The Somalis are some of the most pious and traditional Muslims I've ever dealt with. I once had a Somali tenant that I was forced to drop because he made a request something along the lines of:

"We need the landlord to install a separate window to the butcher room for women to stand in line separate form the men."

Assimilation is the main problem here. A simple refusal to integrate into the community. Perhaps it has something to do with being "new" or recent immigrants, I don't know, but I felt like I was standing in Mogadishu for a few minutes.

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