Friday, October 12, 2007

The Sacred Keeper of our Safety

Al Gore is probably stoked as hell that he didn't succeed in Florida in 2000. He's gotten hella wealthy being the soothsayer. "The ides of March", he says, sipping Mai Tais on a private jet. Good for him. He now joins such luminaries as Jimmy "Malaise" Carter, Yassir "Chode Puncher" Arafat and Rigoberta "Fake but not Accurate" Menchu, as keepers of the most worthless pat on the back ever invented.

He won't run for Prez, thank the devil, because even the devil wouldn't turn down a gazzillion dollars in the "private" sector to be the world's whipping boy. I'm not saying that anthropogenic global warming isn't real, just that the data is heavy on computer models and a light on actual beakers-and-bunsen-burners research. You know, the way Edison and Tesla (those swarthy dreamers) used to do it.

You see, we're supposed to take what the models say as if it were followed by "Thus saith the lord", but you know what? That Eubanks bastard isn't accurate out beyond 48 hours, let alone thirty years.

Update: I've ordered Lomborg's newest and can't wait. His Sceptical Environmentalist was a great read, if not completely accurate.

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