Friday, September 21, 2007

See ya Dre

Fantastic. Now we have it all laid out before us:

Andre Kirilenko wants out from under Sloan. Scratch that, AK wants out from under Deron Williams. Er, AK wants out from under the Jazz system. Hell who can even follow what this disturbed young man has floating around his strange Sputnik-shaped melon.

Let me relate a rough observation from the 2003-2004 season, when Andre was "the Man" for the Jazz, even making the all-star team. On many occasions that year, I watched Adre tank it on purpose because Mo Williams or Raja Bell (or whoever), took more shots than him in a game. It happened all the time. You'd see Dre wind up to block a shot and pull back at the last minute or some shit. He'd then mope around the court like he was on a different planet. Like all of last year. Friggin clown.

A word to the Jazz: Sit on your thumbs, call his bluff and see if he'll really walk away from that contract if the Jazz don't trade him. ESPN lays out the odds on that one.

Update: Deron calls him out. Rips on his works ethic and shot. Well, judging by his stringy body over the years, AK definitely hasn't been ripping the weights. I think Deron is one of the great ones. Friggin P.I.M.P.

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