Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back from the bowels of the Earth

I just got back from a place in a remote corner of the great state of Idaho (been there since last Thursday). I've been going there for five years now and really enjoy the place. I figured I'd post some pictures to balance out the negative gay-bathroom pub our neighbor to the north has seen as of late:

Really weird formations and lighting effects are the norm:
If you look really closely at the bottom of the dry river bed, you can see my compadre Mike. He's the little yellow dot:

I did make a few new friends down there. I am here to testify that none of them tapped their feet in "that" way:

I'm now in re-entry/decompression mode and trying to gather the willpower to open my inbox to see the hundreds of unopened messages about whatever crap was important last week. I think I'll have a beer instead.

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