Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Don't Rock the Vote

Noah pointed out a few weeks ago how we really shouldn't be encouraging kids who can't identify America on a map to vote. Or youth who know what Crunk is, but Federalism not so much. In fact, I'd preffer P-Pufster-Pantaloons-Diddy himself to die before he votes too.

Now, now. I'm not talking about denying these clowns their rights, just maybe hiding them a little. McCain Feingold could be adjusted ever so slightly so that instead of blatantly protecting incumbency and infringing on free speech, we ensure that Lil John doesn't get the write-in candidacy locked up every year.

The words vote, ballot and other electiony words would only be uttered on stations like C-Span or PBS and would be strictly prohibited on MTVs 1-13 and the Cartoon Network within six months of an election.

A more eloquent opinion on the matter can be found here.

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Anne-Marie said...

Unfortunately, i do know what "Crunk" is...