Thursday, August 30, 2007

Belated Scheisse

Hey fellas. How’s it (and they) hangin? I think I remember Noah’s diarrhea-speed output on the blog a couple years back was attributed to being ass bored at work. Well, that be the damn truth! I am one bored wegro right now, so I'ma get started expressin’ maself.

I got started on a lengthy review of a Libertarian convention more than a month ago, but became so bored doing it that I got an old man’s wang for blogging. So I’m just going to paste it unfinished and not deal with it anymore, so that my junk will remain crunck (to maintain virility in the johnson) for blogging. I will then post some of my other musings from the past little while.

Went to a Libertarian conference in Las Vegas this past week; 3 full days of speeches by anarchists, those who like to think that they are anarchists, and conservatives who tend to like the "Libertarian" label more (there were also a number of speakers of other persuasions speaking on other topics, including, humorously, a tiny shrimp of a British guy describing himself as "a hard core Darwinist"). Anyway, the highlight of the whole deal was a Libertarian vs. Conservative debate on foreign policy and Iraq between Ron Paul and Dinesh D'Souza. Ron Paul was joined by Doug Casey, a true anarchist and apparent non-believer in the Constitution. D'Souza was joined by Larry Abraham, a life-long Libertarian who supports the Bush Doctrine. Simply put, D'Souza owned Ron Paul and co. The Libertarian side did make some good points (common-sensical reasoning but severely outdated for this conflict), but I couldn't even believe some of the other stuff that passed as worthy of our consideration. This Doug Casey guy, savvy investor sensei he may be, could have been the worst arguer I've ever heard (apart from those who resort to lies to make their points). For example, this is, verbatim, what passed as serious debate material from this dude: "And let's bring home all our troops from all foreign bases, all they do is bring home bad habits anyways!" Great reason, you dimwitted old fart! I do have a great deal of respect for Ron Paul though, if not for his views, then because the guy is principled to the core, as opposed to the flaccid penises who make up 98% of the reps in DC. Larry Abraham was good too, his best point being, basically (and simply) that, "all the foreign policy and other bullshit from the past 90 years does not matter. All that matters is the hand we are dealt right now." On the way out I overheard some real numbskulls patting themselves on the back as they regurgitated one of Ron Paul's talking points-- that over the past 50 years the largest percentage of suicide bombings have been in Sri Lanka (or some other bullshit that I don't even care to remember), and those cases have nothing to do with America, and so terrorism is all just being overblown. Hey, let's see what happens to that percentage when we only consider the last 10-15 years, DICKHEADS!!

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