Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ward Churchill Shitcanned

For plagiarism and general ethical clownishness. Take that, you fake Indian.

Also, on a similar note, I am constantly corrected by my anthropologist/sociologist/whatever-ologist friends when ever I utter the word "Indian". The common refrain is thus: (in between sips of a nice bubbly Proseco) "Ahem! I believe the proper nomenclature is Native American".

My ass. I've spent a fair amount of time on the reservations of the West and the word from their mouth is Indian. American Indian for the more sensitive. This is what they prefer. I've had many of them complain that the word native is inherently insulting and I have to agree for the obvious "savages" implication. More proof that the sacred PC nomenclatures are more about appeasing the lily-white professor-conscience than protecting the anointed.

Noah Adds: In commemoration of this event Iowahawk has reprinted his classic Chutch piece. While you're over at Iowahawk make sure your vote for your favorite Hoosegow Honey

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