Sunday, July 22, 2007

Give me a phone that can do what my TV can do

You know how you don't have to change out your TV set every time you switch from Cable to Dish and back to take advantage of start-up discounts? Sure you change the service, but the TV itself works whether its Dish or Comcast. I thought this article presented an interesting point about how you and your wallet generally have to do gymnastics to switch phone services. You generally can't use the same phone with other services even if you paid $500 for the unit and it's exactly the same unit with another provider. That sucks.

Another thing: I've been a "smart phone" user since its inception and have found them, without exception, to be anything but "smart". Constant hang-ups, strange unpredictable behaviour, crappy reception, etc. I can't wait yo have a real computer in my hand and sometime this century would be nice. Moore's Law my ass.

Noah: The solution to your problem is easy. Throw away your phone! Who do you want to talk to anyway? People are fountains of aggravation and a cell phone is just a way of letting them spit on you no matter where you are.

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