Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Europe, You're Next

The black hand of Sharia continues to creep across Africa. If Christian, Jewish, Pagan, Hindu, and Atheist Europeans don't start having more babies it won't be too long before we see this phenomenon in France & Co.

Sean adds: It doesn't really surprise me as Africa has a long and bloody history of Sharia, but it still scares me. And I love how the BBC still manages to contradict itselft once every other sentence, in one breath stating:
More than a dozen Muslims have been sentenced to death by stoning for sexual offences like adultery and homosexuality since the Sharia legal system was introduced in 2000.
And the next:
He says his men will soon launch a raid on Sabon Gari to cleanse it of all "instruments of sin". But Mr Abdulkarim also understands the complex cultural nuances of his environment.
Yeah, lots of understanding of "complex cultural nuances" going on there.

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