Monday, July 23, 2007

But at least they provide healthcare in Iran!

This pleasant little nugget over at Charles Johnsonland reminds us that, despite what the Multi-Cult spews daily, some cultures are inferior, that's right I said it, In-Friggin-Ferior to our own.

Noah: Sean’s absolutely right about some cultures just being better than others. Check out how crappy things in Iran are. Hey lefties, this is what a real theocracy looks like. It’s tough to be a cute Iranian girl when nasty old biddies like that are part of the theocratic police state.

By the way, I read a great book about the Iranian revolution a few weeks ago. It was a graphic memoir called Persepolis. I strongly recommend it.

Also, if you are interested in the question of cultural superiority you need to read Thomas Sowell.

Sean: Noah, I still have a copy of that excellent Sowell book you mentioned. I received it from you years ago and need to come clean about that fact. So if you wondered, there you have it.

Noah: Even as I was writing my addition to your post I found myself thinking, "I wonder what ever happened to my copy of that book . . ." mystery solved! I don't remember if I loaned it or gave it to you, either way its your's now, you bastard. I don't have the bookshelf space for half my books anyway. If you want, you can steal my copy of this book as well. It amplfies a lot of what's in Race and Culture.

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