Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Bunch of Crap

Yesterday I received a pin from my company for “two years of service”. The pin was presented in a quick ceremony that involved a lot of forced clapping and insincere hand shaking. What kind of award is a pin commemorating two years of service anyway? It is an award that says two things: A) you are competent enough to not get fired, and B) you are not competent enough to get a better job. Needless to say it went directly into the trash the moment I got back to my office.

Yesterday I also discovered that in contrast to my phony distinction, a certain INFDL has a very real one . . . his own page on IMDB. Look it up.

Have you ever eaten something (at an airport perhaps) and said, “Wow, this is as flavorless as cardboard.” Well, if you live in China it might actually be cardboard.

I’m going to go golfing with TommAy tomorrow. He better plan on a thorough ass kicking.

Sean Says: Noah, I did the search and came up with a few near hits, but nothing direct. And give that TommAy kid a swift kick in the pants for me.

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