Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bottle it Up

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Modesto police have arrested a man and a woman on felony charges of child endangerment after discovering that a miniature horse lived in their home's kitchen and dining room, which were covered with trash and feces . . .

"The conditions were horrendous," said John Bear, animal control supervisor for the Modesto police. "This miniature horse had been housed indoors for I'm guessing a good length of time by the amount of animal waste that was built up inside the house."

A boy who lived in the house told police he had been sleeping in a tent inside his bedroom to protect himself from the infestation of flies, Bear said.

As a person who hates pets, I just don’t see the upside to having a horse crapping all over your house. The horse lives in your house and you have to sleep in a tent to get away from the flies? How is this a good deal?

This happened in Modesto, and it may help explain a lot about TommAy . . .

Also from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Constant teenage venting over crushes, popularity or other personal problems may lead to anxiety and depression in girls . . .

Amanda Rose, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Missouri at Columbia and lead author, said the results may reflect a cultural tendency of girls to blame themselves when they aren't invited to parties or when boys don't call back.

"The more they talk about it, the more depressed and anxious they feel," she said.

The study's findings add a cautionary note to the perennial advice to the young that they should always talk out their problems instead of bottling them up.

So remember, when you tell her to shut the hell up you’re not being a jerk, you’re doing her a favor.

Sean adds: Dude, is that first story from the Onion or something? I've seen some strange stuff in the real estate world but nothing like that. Well a few unfortunate situations in Magna and Kearns maybe, but I'm eating right now and don't want to foul my lady's keyboard.

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