Monday, July 02, 2007

Big Love, son

Finally broke down and watched the first season of HBO's Big Love . My prognosis: fantastic television. And I mean fantastic, as in a lot of fantasy. To their credit, they must have some Utahrds on the production and writing crew as there is a whole lot of true Utahism going on in the series beyond the obvious "heck, gosh, goll", etc.

The main accuracy issue is probably due to the need to create "proximity" in the show. An example: "Roman", the series obvious Warren/Rulon Jeffs character is shown getting medical check-ups in what appears to be his building in downtown Salt Lake. That building is the Joseph Smith Memorial building. We all know that if Warren Jeffs was seen in the JSM building, he'd be immediately arrested and sent to the big house with no tasty muffins. The show is flush with many other inaccuracies, but surprisingly many spot-on recreations of suburban Utah life, mixed with the usual HBO-bizarro flourishes. And they handle the separation between the LDS faith and the Polygs very thoroughly.

Back here in reality, the Salt Lake Tribune has an interesting real-life Big Love multi-media from some unspoken (cough, Herriman, cough) locale in Salt Lake County. In all, polygamy looks like a major pain in the ass.

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