Thursday, July 12, 2007

The asshats that run this country...

sometimes make me want to pluck out my ass hair one curly at a time. I'm speechless... No I'm not:

Listen, Mr. congressman/woman,

We all know that the main reason that most of you are in office is because you just couldn't hack it in the private sector. You sucked at what you did then and BIG SURPRISE, you suck at what you do now. We, the American public, know that Acme Dildo Co., which you used to run, could only produce big, floppy, soft phallus. And you know the old saying: "when you can't make a dildo that stays hard, then you shouldn't set out to run this fucking country."

Lousy punks. I feel better now. Sorry.

Noah Adds: What the Democrats have demonstrated on their various war votes is a lack of leadership and a severe political cravenness.

After 9/11 President Bush was enormously popular (hard to believe these days) and it would have been extremely difficult politically for the Democrats to go against him in his desire to crush the evil and dangerous regime of Saddam Hussein. So they voted for war. (Though they now claim that they only voted to give Bush the option to go to war, they never really thought he’d do it!)

Now Bush is as popular as a syphilitic serial rapist at a NOW convention. The war is actually more popular than he is, but is still a political loser. So they’ve all jumped ship.

For the Democrats, foreign policy is nothing more than an extension of domestic politics. But that isn’t leadership. F.D.R. did everything he could to help the allies and to prepare the U.S. for war before the country woke up and realized that WWII was our fight as well. That was leadership. The modern Democratic Party is allergic to that sort of thing.

My guess is that a lot of Democrats didn’t believe in the war even when they were voting in favor of it. If I’m right, that means that members of the Democratic Party are willing to send soldiers to their deaths in an unwise and unjust war just to stay in office. It’s hard to imagine anything more immoral or cowardly.

Hillary Clinton has turned in one of the most despicable and hypocritical performances on the issue. She refuses to say that her vote in favor of going to war was a mistake while at the same time she says that the war is a disaster and we have to get the troops out. But if the war is a debacle that has ground up the lives of thousands of troops, maimed thousands more, killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and devoured billions of hard earned American dollars all to no end, how is that not a mistake? But Hillary knows that her trick of doublespeak is her best political play at the moment, so she runs with it.

Sean Adds: Noah, you are correct about the cynical nature of Democratic actions (inaction) on national defense. I had this conversation with TommAy the other night as well. They constantly invoke the name of JFK while simultaneously shitting upon his legacy. There was probably one president in history as willing to use force to thwart the Communist effort, and that was Truman. JFK devoted his entire short political career to confronting the communist threat (Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, invasion of Vietnam, etc.).

The Democrats of today have no interest in the defense of this nation and now some of the weak amongst the Republicans have sensed that Iraq is a political loser and are bailing ship. This disgusts me. If the conservative base can be mobilized to defeat the recent immigration "reform" bill, then the time is now for that same base to bitch-slap the ill-advised concept of voluntary surrender. A plague of Bleggorhea upon both houses.

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