Friday, June 15, 2007

Pies and Radio Personalities

Is it just me, or is the San Francisco Chronicle egging people on to throw pies at Dennis Miller?

I didn’t know Miller was starting a radio show. I heard him fill in for another radio host a few years ago and he did a great job. But it takes a special kind of person to do three hours of radio five days a week and keep things interesting. I wish him well.

The master of talk radio is coming back by the way. The new Phil Hendrie Show starts on June 25th. I have no idea how one might listen to it.

Sean adds: I've listened to a few Miller shows on 1430 Am (local SLC, Utah) and he's pretty damned good. He had some clown-assed Dem Senator (don't remember his good name) on arguing for voluntary unilateral self-imposed defeat in Iraq and Miller nearly made him cry.

And I can't wait for Hendrie! I think he was at his finest while giving unabashed opinion interspersed with his usual dark arts from 9/11 until about '04. I read an interview where he stated that he ran up against a lot of resistance because of his views and was forced to edit himself back into the prankster that everyone was comfortable with. I hope somebody in Utah is smart enough to snatch up his show.

Sean adds again: Hey he's got a blog! And it's really profane! God bless this man...

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