Friday, June 15, 2007

The "Peace, Justice, Equality, International, Understanding, United, People" Game

Really fun Google treasure hunt. Try it next family home evening. I call it "Orwell's Doublespeak" and it's very simple. The rules follow:
Take any of the following words:

Peace, Justice, Equality, Rights, International, Understanding, Human, United, People, Women

1) Enter any combination of at least two of the above terms into a Google search page. Scramble them in any way your heart desires.

2) Push enter.

3) Starting at the top of the page, click on the returned search results. Work your way down until your ears melt from the irony of it all.

4) Slam two beers and punch your screen.

Now wasn't that fun? Be sure to note with your children the absolute hatred dripping from each individual site. Also point out the patronizingly racist nature of the writings, the advocacy and apology for the slaughter of Jews, the excusing of the subjugation of women and homosexuals, the opposition to private property rights and self-defense....I need a beer.

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