Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Peace in Palestine

The way things are going we may soon have a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: all the Palestinians will be dead. They’ve become too lazy to go out looking for Jews to kill, so they stay at home and kill each other.

From CNN:

Fatah and Hamas supporters have been tossed to their deaths from high-rise buildings; three family members were fatally shot -- one at close range -- while receiving treatment in a Beit Hanoun hospital; and Palestinian militants have been accused of disguising themselves as journalists to launch attacks.

Such instances prompted Human Rights Watch to issue a statement Wednesday accusing militants of "serious violations of international humanitarian law, in some cases amounting to war crimes."

Does Human Rights Watch really think that the kind of guy who tosses a man off the top of a high-rise is the kind of guy who gives crap about what Human Rights Watch thinks?

Sean adds:

Sound a lot like a favorite activity for Baathists as well from the days of Saddam. It's called a "Farook Toss".

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