Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An interesting conversation with Noah about Africa

A few days ago, I sent out this Email:

Really interesting conversation on some very complex African problems:

-- Sean

To which Noah replied:


The problem is that people would rather not think. They just want to feel like virtuous folks who are “doing something”. No one gives a crap about African farmers who get screwed. Can you imagine if the Chinese just started shipping a gazillion tons of free grain to the U.S.? Our farmers would shit a brick. They don’t even like it when we don’t slap huge tariffs on incoming produce. But we screw over African farmers all the time. Paul Theroux’s newest book about Africa (Dark Star Safari) talks about a lot of this same stuff. I doubt the West will change its behavior towards Africa in our lifetime though, and the longer we wait to cut off aid (or find a smarter way to give it, like providing more small loans to farms and small businesses) the worse the situation is going to get.

Maybe we need to start the blog back up . .

And Here we are....

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