Monday, June 25, 2007


Sean just left Nevada, and Lake Tahoe is on fire . . . hmm. This reminds me of the time he smacked a golf ball through that guy’s window across the street from Randy’s house. Just wondering aloud . . .

Trivia Question: What famous writer once started an enormous forest fire at Lake Tahoe? Bonus point if you get the book where he talks about it.

Sean says: I in no way was involved with the fire. The only fire I started in Nevada is in my pants. No really, my legs are fryed. I think I'll die of skin cancer before I finish responding to....

Trivia Question Answer: Not that anyone cares, but Mark Twain started a forest fire at Lake Tahoe a long, long, long time ago. You can read about it in Roughing It, his hilarious book about traveling in the western United States.

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