Monday, June 25, 2007

Back from the wasteland

Nevada is my favorite state. No, really. Just got back from a week in the place known to many as "that brown skid-mark that lasts for four hundred miles until you hit Tahoe". No, I didn't get a whore or get assaulted by a giant tranny in Deeth, but I did really burn my legs while kayaking/fishing on Ruby Lake. It feels and looks like they were dipped in molten Habanero sauce. Good night.

P.S. Once, my friend and I were in Carlin getting gas when he got punched in the face by an angry biker five times in rapid fashion until I could get the window rolled up. He thought he had thrown away a half-consumed can of Red Bull, but had instead thrown it at the side of an RV pulling ten Harleys. Yes, he was drunk...Ah, the mystique of the place.

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