Thursday, November 03, 2005


Yesterday there was a protest in San Francisco. It wasn’t large enough to grab national media attention, but it was big enough to cause a pain in the city’s ass (insert your own homophobic San Francisco “pain in the ass” joke here).

Back when I lived in the beautiful city by the bay I had to endure a number of these protests. I remember the big one on the first day of the war when some idiot marchers near my school held up an enormous banner with a picture of Che Guevara looking romantically into the distance, as if he could see a heavenly burrito on the horizon and he had glorious dreams of eating it. The picture had a one word caption: “PEACE.” Che and Peace? Maybe they were being ironic. If Che stood for one thing it was WAR, and the Batista regime he fought against in Cuba was not nearly as bad as the Hussein regime Bush overthrew in Iraq (then again, it was also better than the Castro regime Che helped install).

I believe that a lot of the protestors don’t really want peace; they just want a different kind of violence.

Here’s further evidence of protestor stupidity from a story on yesterday’s protest:

The protesters also staged a "die-in" at Hyde and Market, in which they lay down on the street.

Mona Villa, a monitor for the march, said the 2-mile march was ending when about 15 protesters -- some of them high-school-age teens -- stayed behind for the "die-in." Other protesters had done the same thing periodically throughout the walk.

As they lay in the street, about 25 police officers in riot gear holding batons told the protesters that "anyone who didn't want to be arrested should get up and move to the sidewalk," said Villa.

About a third did, Villa said. Without warning, she said, the police circled the remaining protesters, charged in and grabbed them, forcing them to fall on one another.

“Without warning?” Somehow “anyone who (doesn’t) want to be arrested should get up and move to the sidewalk” doesn’t count as a warning? And why the hell should they get a warning anyway? Did the protestors give a warning when they threw a Molotov cocktail at the Chronicle building?

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