Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What it takes for me to return

Much has happened in the world since I last posted on INFDL that might have inspired me to write. There was a terrible tragedy in the gulf coast, there were Democrats who rallied behind the idea that the President needed to nominate a "moderate" to replace O'Connor and not a crazy like Roberts might be, but then when Roberts' nomination was switched to replace Rehnquist, clearly a more conservative justice, the concern is no longer the balance of the court, but some other pretext for moral indignation. I shouldn't be surprised, but even Harry Reid has come out to oppose Roberts because Roberts "has not satisfied the high burden that would justify [Reid's] voting for his confirmation based on the current record." The moral of the story that seems to be lost on the Democrats is that elections have consequences and one of them is that the President gets to pick who he likes for the Supreme Court. But enough of that.

What has brought me back to the fold is the news that Ice T is going to produce David Hassellhof's new hip hop album. Ice T reports that "He's gonna come out as Hassle The Hoff - I promise you. The Hoff will surprise people with his rap skills and humour." The website that this comes from, ananova.com, definitely has some funny stuff on it, but I think that it is legitimate. You might have to go back to Rodman and Van Damme in Double Team (1997), though you could make an argument for Marky Mark and Lou Diamond Phillips in the Big Hit (1998), to find a more promising tag team. For just a taste of how great this could be, check out this site with pictures of The Hoff and then reminisce on the words of Cop Killer. In the words of the Koala Swimwear catalogue, this could be explosive.

BQC's Update: I have heard that this is a hoax, but hopefully this hoax is exactly what was needed to make this a reality.

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