Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ken Livingston: Jackass

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingston, has found a new buddy named Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The Daily Telegraph quotes Ken:

"Of all the Muslim leaders in the world today, Sheikh Qaradawi is the most powerfully progressive force for change and for engaging Islam with western values," Mr Livingstone told the Commons home affairs select committee.

The Sheik hates Jews and supports suicide bombing. So let me get this straight, progressives are anti-Semitic supporters of suicide bombings? Progressives have come a long way since the days of the Bull Moose Party. But that’s progress for you.

Ken stands up for the Sheik:

Mr Livingstone said that many of the comments attributed to the imam were "from translated sources hostile to him." He was also not responsible for everything on the website that operates under his name.

I’m glad we have Mr. Livingston around, with his vast knowledge of the Arab tongue, so he can set us straight about what The Sheik has really said.

The mayor conceded that he did not condemn "and may be prepared to endorse" suicide bombings in Israel because the Palestinians "only have their bodies" as weapons. His views were shared by a majority of Muslims, said Mr Livingstone.

If the Palestinians were using only their bodies as weapons, Israel would be safe. Can you imagine a Palestinian man loading himself onto a makeshift trebuchet and launching himself onto an Israeli bus? It would be a comical spectacle enjoyed by all who witnessed it, and the Islamist would go on to receive his bevy of nubile virgins in heaven. But, sadly, the Palestinians use actual bombs, and they generally use them against civilian targets. Livingston is apparently OK with this.

He also said it was easy for those in the West to condemn all violence but "I don't know what I would be doing if I was in Uzbekistan, dealing with that government."

Ahh, but we in the West do not condemn “all violence.” I consider myself a staunch Westerner and I find myself supporting violence very frequently. For example, I am in favor of violence against terrorists, such as those supported by the Sheik.

Asked about al-Qaradawi's views on homosexuality - he is said to consider it an "abominable practice" and questioned whether gays should be put to death - Mr Livingstone said that much of his website was "a series of questions of a philosophical nature".

What do you think Livingston’s opinion of a Christian would be if that Christian wondered aloud if gays should be put to death? "Oh, just the philisophical musings of Jerry Falwell . . ."

One of the most baffling aspects of the war on terror is the eagerness of the left to sell out to people who should be its worst enemies. Livingston is shilling for a violence-advocating, racist, homophobic, religious zealot. Why? It’s up to conservatives to fight people who, according to the left, hold the same views conservatives do.

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