Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Face of Kelo

The Washington Times is running a piece by Susette Kelo, the woman who lost the recent Eminent Domain case in the Supreme Court. What the liberals on the Supreme Court have done to her is an atrocity. Here she is in her own words:

I grew up in southeastern Connecticut and bought my house at 8 East St. in New London in 1997. It was just what I wanted: great view of the water, affordable price, nice neighbors. I enjoyed fixing it up and making my family's home. I invested a lot of time and energy in this house and my neighborhood.

In 1998, a real estate agent came by and made me an offer on the house on behalf of an unnamed buyer. I explained to her I was not interested in selling, but she said my home would be taken by eminent domain if I refused to sell. She told me stories of her relatives who had lost their homes to eminent domain. Her advice? Give up. The government always wins.

Why did the City and the New London Development Corp. (NLDC) want to kick us out? To make way for up-scale condos and other private developments that could bring in more taxes to the city and possibly more jobs. The poor and middle class had to make way for the rich and politically connected.

If the government was taking our property for a road or firehouse, I would be prepared to sell without a fight. But the government should not be able to force me to sell my home so someone else can enjoy my view. NLDC wants my land to market to a developer for projects to "complement" our area's new Pfizer facility. This is for private profit, not public use.

Nearly all my neighbors' homes have been bulldozed -- all but those seven families who stayed and fought not only for our rights, but for the rights of homeowners nationwide.

Like my neighbors up the street, I worked hard (in my case, at up to three jobs at a time) to pay for my home. And we should not be forced out by our own government simply because someone else who carries more political clout wants the land for a nonpublic use. Isn't that what the courts, Congress and the Constitution are supposed to protect us from?

It's hard to imagine anything more un-American than taking a person’s home in order to give it to someone wealthier. If the Developers really want Kelo's property they must offer her what SHE thinks it's worth, not what they are willing to pay. Wealthy individuals and corporations shouldn't be allowed to coerce the government into taking a person’s property. This use of Eminent Domain is not permitted by the Consitution and the Supreme Court should have opposed it.

This is America after all!

Sean Adds: Amen, brother. I believe that the combination of Kelo and Raiche will brand this particular band of liberal clowns a disaster of historic purportions.

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