Monday, September 19, 2005

And Now for Something Completely Different

I know that caring about the Emmys is beneath the dignity of even the most booger encrusted five year old. Nevertheless, the results of last night’s awards show have pissed me off. Why? Because Everybody Loves Raymond won for best comedy and Arrested Development did not. This is important because Arrested Development is on the bubble; its ratings are bad and Fox only holds onto it because critics like it and it wins awards (it won for best writing last night). It needs to win in order to survive. Also, it deserved to win because, unlike Everybody Loves Raymond, it’s funny.

The worst part was seeing that Doris Roberts beat Jessica Walters for best supporting actress in a comedy. Now, if there were an award for the most annoying supporting actress, Doris Roberts would win that hands down, but there is no such award. Jessica Walters’ portrayal of Lucille, the sarcastic, selfish and alcoholic matron of the Bluth Family, is hysterically funny. She's the funniest female character on television since Seinfeld's Elaine. (I loved the episode where she drives by Lindsay, her daughter, as Lindsay cage-dances for a bunch of rednecks. Lucille does not recognize her daughter and mutters under her breath “now there’s someone who could have used a good mother” before leaning out the window to shout “WHORE!”)

Best supporting actor in a comedy series went to Brad Garret of Everybody Loves Raymond instead of Jeremy Piven from Entourage. Now, I haven’t seen the second season of Entourage, but if Piven’s character, Ari, was only one billionth as good in the second season as he was in the first, he still blew the annoying Brad Garret out of the water. Arrested Development, of course, had an entire cast of people better than Garret. Jeffery Tambor was nominated, but I think that Will Arnet (who plays Gob on AD) is the funniest supporting actor on television (after Piven).

The Emmys, in short, were an atrocity.

Anyway, Arrested Development is on tonight and you must watch it!

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