Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You Haven’t Begun Posting Another Online Novel Have You?

Now that you ask, yes. Yes I have. My new novel is called “On the Bum,” and is the story of a young law student who becomes homeless . . . with hilarious results.

This story is not for the weak of stomach. It contains, for example, a five page section describing the hero’s first bowel movement as a homeless person. There are also passages that discuss corpse vomit, underpants crotch ossification, fungal discharge and the excrement besmeared condition of Tenderloin hotel rooms.

I am more than a little embarrassed to have written such a thing. Nevertheless, it contains a few good gags so here it is.

As for Uncle Theo, despite its enormous readership the book has become bogged down in my sloth. Who knows if, or when, it will be finished. On the Bum is already finished, and, as it is only seven chapters long, it will be posted in its entirety within a month and a half.

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