Thursday, August 18, 2005

Trent Lott: Pompous Jackass

In his new book former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott has some harsh words for current Majority Leader Bill Frist (as reported by CNN):

In "Herding Cats, A Lifetime in Politics," Lott wrote that Sen. Bill Frist, his successor as majority leader, was one of the "main manipulators" in the events that resulted in his own loss of power. Lott lost his post in 2002 after making racially tinged remarks at a 100th birthday party for one-time segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond.

Look Lott, you didn’t lose power because of anything Frist did. You lost power because you said, in essence, that you wished the United States had stayed segregated.

Frist's actions amounted to a "personal betrayal," Lott wrote. "I had taken him under my wing. ... He was my protege. ... We'd been friends off and on the floor, and that's pretty rare in a governmental body loaded with lone wolves and enormous egos."

Amy Call, a spokeswoman for Frist, R-Tennessee, said the senator "hasn't read the book, so he can't comment directly, but he always appreciates Senator Lott's advice."

Note to Frist: being called a “manipulator” and a personal betrayer does not amount to “advice.” It’s name calling pure and simple. You should respond not by saying you appreciate Lott’s advice but by asking “who cares what you say you pompous jackass?”

Who on Earth wants to read these books? No matter how many books you have read there has to be something left out there that would be a better choice than “Herding Cats.” The Harlequin publishing company, for example, has a whole line of works, and I am certain that all of them are better than Lott’s lugubrious autobiography (I recommend “The Marquis and the Milk Maid”).

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