Tuesday, August 30, 2005

One Step Forward, One Step Back

Good news for freedom lovers in California:

An Aug. 22 memo from CHP headquarters ordered officers not to cite motorists or seize their drugs if they carry up to eight ounces of marijuana, or six mature or 12 immature plants, as long as they possess a valid state or local government medical marijuana patient or primary caregiver identification card or a signed recommendation from a physician.

Bad news for freedom lovers in California:

Never passing a chance for a good press release, (California Attorney General) Lockyer filed a lawsuit against a number of fast-food chains and junk-food producers because their french fries and potato chips contain trace amounts of acrylamide -- a chemical also found in asparagus and olives, it is a natural byproduct of cooking certain starchy foods.

Can I eat French fries if I have a note from my doctor? (Er, French-American fries . . . er, Freedom-American fries . . .)

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