Monday, August 08, 2005


One thing’s for sure, this is just the tip of the iceberg. CNN reports that Paul Volker has nailed an oil for food administrator for money laundering, wire fraud and conspiracy.

One bit of the story that caught my eye:

Earlier, Paul Volcker, the head of the U.N.'s Independent Inquiry Committee, announced that the probe found that Yakovlev solicited a bribe from a French company that bid unsuccessfully on an oil-for-food contract.

The report found no evidence the company paid the desired bribe -- but it found that more than $1.3 million had been wired to a bank account Yakovlev controlled on the Caribbean island of Antigua since 2000.

Is Yakovlev missing any teeth? Maybe the money was put there by the Tooth Fairy! Or maybe money elves inserted $1.3 million into his account! I love those Money Elves!

You know, the French had a lot of good reasons for opposing the Iraq war. Chief among these was the fact that they’re still bitter that they needed us to save their ass in the Second World War. The second reason is that its just fun to knock Uncle Sam’s top hat off. But the third reason, I think, is that they were up to their nuts in the hot gravy of Iraqi corruption. They didn’t want the money to stop and they didn’t want to be found out.

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