Monday, August 15, 2005

Mickey Mouse at Disneyland

Is it just me or is Cindy Sheehan deriving a great deal of unseemly pleasure from being the mother of a dead soldier? She’s always talking about how exciting everything is, and how great it is to be in contact with luminaries like Maxine Waters and Michael Moore. Here she is in today’s Huffington Post:

I had so many amazing things happen today. I couldn't walk through Camp Casey or the Crawford Peace House today without hugging people and getting my picture taken. Now I know how Mickey Mouse feels at Disneyland.

And here she was a few days ago:

Yesterday was kind of a blur to me. From running around from interview to interview, to getting a visit from Viggo Mortensen, it was a whirlwind of activity.

Hooray! My son’s dead but I get to meet Viggo Mortensen! Am I the only person who thinks this is a little bit creepy?

Also, Chrenkoff has a great post today where he points to the parents of dead soldiers who are not dishonoring the fallen by riding their names to D-grade celebrity status. The resolve of these parents is inspiring.

And Mohammed at Iraq the Model has a terrific post answering Sheehan’s question: Why?

Tom addzz: with all of Ms. Sheehan's new "friends" making her feel so happy and important to them, I'm reminded of the Emmanuel Lewis segment on E TV's Where Are They Now that I watched a few months back. Lewis, who was once cute and cuddly as TV's Webster, was real close with Michael Jackson. Of course that friendship ended, as far as Jacko was concerned, when Webster began puberty. But none of this was apparent to Emmanuel, and nor is it apparent to him even today as one can see when watching him at the end of the E TV special making a public shoutout to his old friend The Gloved One, saying "yo Michael, we used to be tight. I'm still waiting for you to call, my man." I imagine that Jackson hasn't called since Webster grew curlies. But just like Emmanuel Lewis, the September 10th movement (thanks, Mr. Hendrie) will find their next victim/martyr to exploit ("befriend") once Ms. Sheehan's limelight has dimmed. What'll she be saying when that inevitable moment comes? "Viggo, what up? No tickets to the premiere of your new fantasy picture? But you told me you cared!"
But with the new society slowly but steadily taking shape in Iraq and beyond, Casey Sheehan will probably come to be known as part of a "greatest few", since this "generation" as a whole isn't due any thanks for it.

Update: Best of the Web has dug up a speech that Sheehan gave at San Francisco State University in February. Read a bit of it and tell me she isn’t an extremist crackpot:

I was raised in a country by a public school system that taught us that America was good, that America was just. America has been killing people . . . since we first stepped on this continent, we have been responsible for death and destruction. I passed on that bullshit to my son and my son enlisted. I'm going all over the country telling moms: "This country is not worth dying for." If we're attacked, we would all go out. We'd all take whatever we had. I'd take my rolling pin and I'd beat the attackers over the head with it. But we were not attacked by Iraq. We might not even have been attacked by Osama bin Laden if 9/11 was their Pearl Harbor to get their neo-con agenda through and, if I would have known that before my son was killed, I would have taken him to Canada. I would never have let him go and try and defend this morally repugnant system we have.

Wow, we might not have been attacked by Osama, 9/11 was all part of the neo-con agenda . . . she’s nuts. Check the whole thing out on Best of the Web.

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