Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hugo Chavez is Retarded

Look at the picture of Hugo Chavez in the story I have linked to here. Doesn’t it look like he has Down’s syndrome? Just look at that Mongoloid face and lickspittle grin . . . Hugo Chavez is retarded!

Need more proof? Yesterday Chavez said, “If someday they (the United States) get the crazy idea of coming to invade us, we'll make them bite the dust defending the freedom of our land.” He then added that the US is the “most savage, cruel and murderous empire that has existed in the history of the world.”

You know a dictator is facing daunting internal problems when he starts pretending that his country is about to be invaded by some hated foreign foe. This is one of the most common plays in the Banana Republic Dictator Handbook. If you’re facing opposition at home, you deflect the ire to an external enemy. If you don’t have an enemy, you make one.

He’d better watch out though. The Argentines got carried away with this strategy back in the 80’s and it resulted in a severe ass-kicking by the British in the Falkland Islands War.

He gave his remarks at something called the World Youth Festival (Slogan: “Against Imperialism and War”) and his words were not the most embarrassing uttered at the event. No, the most embarrassing words came from the visiting American Students. CNN reports:

More than 300 students from the United States shouted out their disapproval of U.S. President George W. Bush, chanting "Get out Bush!" Other students chanted: "Bush, fascist -- you're a terrorist!"

You know, the lefties are always making the absurd charge that Bush is some kind of fascist. I almost wish it were true, just so that there would be a few blackshirts around to beat the crap out of these morons. Anyone who would go on an anti-America themed vacation in a neo-Communist Third World hellhole deserves to get their asses beaten.

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