Thursday, August 18, 2005

The End of BTK v BLT Confusion

For a long time whenever someone made reference to the BTK killer my thoughts would somehow turn to BLT sandwiches and how tasty they are. Mmmm bacon, fresh tomato, mayonnaise and toast! I’m not sure what the lettuce is for but who cares when there’s bacon involved!

But after reading this horrifying story about the BTK killer I don’t think my mind will ever fall into such an innocent thought pattern again. There's no punishment too bad for this guy. In fact, I think we should get a time machine working so we can grab one of history’s great torturers (like Torquemada, Ivan the Terrible or Lyndee England) and have them put their methods to work (like burning people at the stake, flaying them alive or forcing them into naked pyramids). Is there any punishment that could possibly be considered cruel and unusual when applied to Denis Rader?

You seriously shouldn’t read the story I linked to. It’s very disturbing. And the dude isn’t even going to get the death penalty! My only consolation is in knowing that he’s going to get the holy hell kicked out of him in prison. He's going to have to eat a lot of tossed salads.

Never doubt the existence of evil. Some people aren’t mentally ill or misunderstood. Some people are just evil. Rader is one of them.

And I don't think I'll ever eat a BLT (or a tossed salad) again.

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