Thursday, August 04, 2005

Death to the INFDL?

It’s been nearly a month since our last post, but I’d like to think that INFDL is still alive.

Here’s a brief smattering of my takes on stories I was too lazy to opine upon in the last month or so.

The only stories more boring then those about the Natalie Holloway disappearance are those about the space shuttle. As far as I can see the entire mission of space shuttle astronauts is to fly into outer space, fix the shuttle, and then fly back home. Until they are engaged in interstellar battle with the invading Silon hordes I don’t care what the astronauts are doing. Every time I hear the words “Discovery” or “Aruba” my eyes roll so far back in my head that I can look at my brain (it’s all wrinkly).

The Supreme Court’s eminent domain decision made me swoon with rage. They think its okay for the government to take your house, toss you a wad of cash in the amount they think is right, and then hand your property over to the Home Depot or some luxury hotel chain! Outrageous! Libs always pretend to be about the little guy, but they’re not. What they are about is power, government power. Sometimes this means throwing the little guy a bone to keep him happy, but if he gets in the way of the power of the government . . . SQUASH HIM! TAKE HIS HOME! INCREASED TAX REVENUES ARE PARAMOUNT!

The Brits don’t appear to be about to pull a Spain (how shameful for Spain that the name of their country has become synonymous with cowardice in the face of terrorism), but it may be too soon to tell. We went through a lot of crap together in the 20th century, I hope special relationship can hold out. More importantly, I hope they crack some Islamo-fascist skulls.

I watched “Some Kind of Monster” last night, and I’m having trouble figuring out who the bigger sissy is: Lars Ulrich or David Mustaine? I’m leaning towards Mustaine. He looked like he was going to cry in the scene where he talks to Lars about being kicked out of the band in the early years.

Quick Movie Reviews

1) War of the Worlds: Pretty good, but I would like to see more humans killing aliens. I know the ending was in line with the ending in the classic novel . . . but I’d have liked the movie more if Earthlings took those alien bastards out instead of the flu.

2) Batman Begins: By far the best Batman movie ever.

3) Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Incredibly stupid but still mildly amusing.

4) Wedding Crashers: A classic comedy for the ages. “It feels so good when he jokes.” Classic!

5) The Fantastic Four: Everyone hates it, but I kind of liked it.

6) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: I love Roald Dahl. If you want to read a couple of good biographies read “Boy” and “Flying Solo.” I liked this version of Charlie much better than the Gene Wilder one, but that’s not saying much. The musical sequences in the new movie were terrible and I kind of missed those half-assed Oompa Loompa cartwheels from the earlier version. Depp was great and Burton kept it stylish, but I found myself looking frequently at my watch.

Also, I finally got around to seeing the HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers.” It is jaw-dropping. The soldiers who fought in the Second World War deserve our respect, even our awe. Band of Brothers was fantastic (better than Saving Private Ryan, which, not counting the battle scenes, was kind of silly).

By the way Brig . . . your weaseling out of the Red Neck Weekend was weak . . . Weeeeeeeeeak. Your excuse was so weak that for a moment I thought I was taking to Wyatt. (On the off chance Wyatt actually looks at this blog allow me to clarify: I mean a different Wyatt.)

So there, this post long and rambling, but I hope INFDL has been revived. Are the rest of you guys still out there?

UPDATE: Tomay beat me to the punch!

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