Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The "Chief Brody slap", it's a hit!

Thanks, Noay, for pointing me to the Gutfield Drive-by, which, I think, is one of the few must-reads on the whole internet. Honestly. I can't believe they allowed him on the "Huff Po" (which I enjoy reading from time to time for curiosity), but you'd never know it because it's very hard to navigate to the Gutfield Drive-by section throught the main Huff Po page. They keep his posts seperated pretty well from the rest of the main Huff Po bitter/verbal stool page written by celebrities. Anyway, his latest post is one his best so far, methinks, especially when considering that last friday's HuffPo was nearly 100% solid Cindy Sheehan day. You know that he's a true voice and that his satire cannot be easily dismissed when he can seriously piss off alot of libs by challenging their high-and-mighty world view, as evidenced by the fact that his comments section is always a massive list of bitter, multi-multi-paragraph denunciations of his words, and of him personally (of course).

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