Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Call in the National Guard! There's kids dancing!

I don't care wether or not those kids at Diamond Fork had the propper permits or not. In fact, I don't care if they were spackling each other with hot Marmalade glaze. This video right here (and most likely many more to come) could cost Utah taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars.

What the hell are the fun-mob thinking? That in this day and age, with cheap communications and video technology available to all, the clowns in camo thought sicking attack dogs on teenagers would send a nice strong message to all those who would dare dance to bad techno boggles the mind.

But, one might ask, what of the drugs and guns we all saw on "2News Fresh Air"? Looks alot like the daily security take at the University Mall to me. Hell, I've seen more booty on a slow Thursday at EFY. In fact, if one was to raid a traffic jam on I-15, there would most likely be many similar unsavory items uncovered. The point to me is, if we can't be free to gather on our own property without official interference, then what kind of freedom do we really have?

Perhaps the most creepy part of this mess is nestled in this little dung-nugget from the Daily Herald, quoting Sheriff Jim Tracy:
Tracy said they are monitoring the Internet, searching for fliers and dispatching helicopters on reconnaissance missions over Utah Valley to locate such gatherings before they expand to thousands of people -- beyond what law enforcement can control.
"Dispatching helicopters on reconnaissance missions"? With the wide selection of ills that plague our society, it certainly is comforting to know that the Sheriff is making sure that no binky shall be sucked and no light-stick shall be twirled without his GI-Joe-ass knowing about it.

Update: Instapundit hits this shit.

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