Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Boring Story Roundup

This news is a day or so old but, the Discovery is Home! And now I’m going to exhale a sweet sigh of relief and say a silent prayer of gratitude. I’m filled with joy at the thought that I’m not going to have to hear any more boring stories about Galactic Money-Wasting Machine for a while.

Now if only someone would dredge up Natalie Holloway’s corpse I could start watching cable news again. I’m thinking of murdering a female drifter, allowing her body to decompose, ripping out her teeth, altering her DNA (it’s not as easy to fake a death as it once was) and flying the corpse to Aruba to make authorities think they have found Natalie. I’ll even pin some bogus evidence on that Vandersloot guy. Anything to get Gretta Van Sustren to shut up about it!

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