Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bangladeshi Bombs

Islamic terrorists in Bangladesh have exploded an astonishing 350 bombs in various cities across the country. 115 people have been injured but, thankfully, so far there is only one reported fatality.

Well, I guess that’ll show the Bangladeshis to attack Iraq in an imperialist war for oil! Wait . . . they didn’t attack Iraq? They aren’t even members of the coalition?

You can hear the left trying to think of some way to pin this on President Bush (or maybe Israel. The Jews did it! Yeah, that’s the ticket, just like they started the black plague!).

Update: Best of the Web echos INFDL

James Taranto had pretty much the same thought INFDL did on the bombings:

Three hundred fifty bombs? Wow, someone's really mad about the Bangladeshi occupation of Iraq!

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