Thursday, June 16, 2005

Send me to Washington, I've got the secret!

Can somebody puh-lease tell me what credentials one must posess to get elected senator? Apparently an IQ just above average levels, though not completely absent on the floors in D.C., is not a pre-requisite. So says me after reading about the senator, Dick Durbin, who, while on the senate floor (a place venerated for years for its great and famous debates) , called the Guantanamo guards the N word; Nazis! Personally I believe that anyone who genuinely tries to futher their arguments by comparing anyone or anything to nazis must immediately surrender any credibility they might have had before. And I'm absolutely serious! Fuckin A I could be a senator if that's all the F I have to do. For a sweet deal like that (high salary, pension, capitol hill groupies, cocktail parties) I'd call everybody nazis (even the mayor)! Forrealz, is it any wonder that two of our senators got their asses handed to them by George Galloway last month? Because from what the Dick Durbin example reveals to us, they don't necessarily have to know how to competently argue a point it seems. Think I'm overgeneralizing a whole group based on one guy's incredibly juvenile argument skills? Think again. Think Ted Kennedy! A simple Google search will provide plenty of evidence. So there's two now, take that! Elected officials in general, those that fill the myriad statewide and municpal capacities, are one thing. But national office? These are the ones people around the world think are your best and brightest! You don't send the county fair queen to represent your state in the Miss America contest! But some states do, it seems. But seriously, it is a crime against basic intelligence to be ignorant of the scope of the thing, like the Nazi or Gulag camps, that you're comparing other things to. Not to mention a crime against the real victims of those very real circumstances that they endured or to which they succumbed. And from a United States Senator! One of the supposed "distinguished gentlemen". Who'da thunk. Public discourse really took a dive once the nazis came around and gave everyone a "point of reference".

Noah Adds: Dave Barry brings up the tactic of comparing your opponents to Adolph Hitler in his classic piece on how to win arguments.

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