Tuesday, June 07, 2005

One Monkey Typing on One Typrewriter Will Eventually Produce . . . Better Grades than John Kerry

During the presidential campaign we were told that Bush was a moron while Kerry was an intellectual and a “nuanced thinker.” Bush was mocked for his mediocre grades at Yale. Kerry, who also went to Yale, did not release his grades, and for good reason: they’re as mediocre as Bush’s.

In fact, in his first year in college Kerry, the intellectual giant, got four D’s. He got D’s in “geology, two history courses and political science.” Geology I understand, but Political Science! It’s the man’s bread and butter for goodness sakes! Bush only received one D at Yale (in astronomy). Kerry’s cumulative GPA was a 76. Bush’s average over his first three years (apparently we don’t have a record of his fourth) was 77.

So the chimp did slightly better than the genius.

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