Thursday, June 09, 2005

“Instead of the Cross, the Albatross . . .”

How much of Howard Dean are the Democrats willing to put up with? They chose the man in a fit of pique following the election and by now they’ve got to be wondering if they should have allowed their passions to cool (perhaps they should have used the “cooling saucer” of the Senate that we always hear about). “We betrayed ourselves by choosing a milquetoast like Kerry,” they said, “and now we need an out-of-control nut-job like Howard Dean at the helm!” So the types who had “bought” and “paid” for the Democratic Party got their wish and put their man in power.

The decision has proven a disaster. Dean was put in place largely because he was supposed to have discovered a magic method of using the internet to milk vast contributions from the Democratic Party’s cyber-teats. This has not occurred, the teats remain unmilked and the Dems have fallen far behind the GOP in fundraising. And while he fails to bring home the bacon (or even Spam); Dean makes wild remarks about how he “hates” Republicans and everything they stand for, and how the Republicans are “evil” and don’t work. Most recently, as the San Francisco Chronicle reports, he has criticized the GOP for being “a white Christian party.” Apparently when he made that last remark he forgot that the 57% of the Democratic Party is comprised of white Christians (including himself). How does he think speaking of Christians in a dismissive way is going to endear him to the voting public? (Two-thirds of Americans are white Christians, and the vast majority of Hispanics and African Americans are Christian as well).

Dean isn’t bringing in much money and he’s making remarks sure to alienate the electorate. How long are the Dems going to leave this albatross wrapped around their necks? Nancy Pelosi defends him on the grounds that “he energizes the grass roots.” Supposedly this has always been Dean’s great strength, but how much energy is he really producing if it is insufficient to make them open their wallets?

Pelosi also says that Dean “just tells it the way he sees it . . . but that's what part of his appeal is.” The controversy surrounding Dean clearly shows, however, that many people don’t find him appealing at all, including many Democrats (such and Joe Biden and Diane Feinstein) who have distanced themselves from Dean and his remarks.

The fact is, Dean was a terrible choice, and the only reason the Dems haven’t tried to chuck him already is that they don’t want to hear Republican’s saying “I told you so.” But the longer they hang on to Dean the deeper he’ll drag them down. I hope they keep him forever because I’m really enjoying the spectacle.

Sean Adds: Heh, heh. He said "Cyber-teat".

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